Zach Messler teaches you what to say and how to say it so you sell more stuff.


a class on clarity

Because if your audience doesn’t get it, nothing else matters.

Wipe out confusion. Attract more buyers. Convert more sales.

What is it?

Get Clear is a six-week group program for founders and marketers to learn how to create messaging that’s crystal clear.

Because if your audience doesn’t get it…nothing else matters.

What does it do?

Get Clear gives you a framework and the know-how to create clear messaging your audience will understand. Period.

Why does it matter?

You can grab attention.

You can compel action.

And, if your message isn’t clear, it’s all for nothing.

Clarity rules.

So what’s the problem? As founders and marketers of something we each believe in—deeply—we get too close…too drenched in the details…too smart for our own good, let alone for the good of the people or the industry we want to serve.

This bias haunts us…often without us even realizing it’s there. 

“Why don’t they get it?”

The more we try to get them to understand, the greater the pushback…until we’re just dismissed as more noise.

All because we were misunderstood.

So how do you get your message clear?

Believe it or not, it comes down to answering three simple questions.

Howdy. I’m Zach Messler. 

I spent 20 years leading product marketing for B2B technology start-ups, Unicorns, and even a few coulda-beens.

I connected our products and services to the needs and desires of buyers, and I taught non-technical sales and marketing pros how to explain and present complex software in a way that consistently moved a buying audience to act.

To the song of $billions in software revenue.

And, every time, it started with answering the same three questions.

Now, for the first time, I’m teaching early-stage founders and marketers the exact process I use.

Here's what it looks like.

Week 1: Welcome to the Jungle

Get an introduction to the process, the psychology behind why it works, and the key things to have in place BEFORE you start. 

Week 2: What is it?

What is this thing you’re selling? It’s such a simple question…and that’s precisely why so many get this wrong. Learn how to answer the question in a way that makes it so simple, your grandparent would get it.

Week 3: What does it do?

What does this thing do? Again, a simple question many have trouble answering without drowning in detail. We’ll work on ways to answer, as well as identify the things that help answer it best.

Week 4: Why does it matter (Part One)

Now the fun REALLY begins, as we start to connect the awesomeness of our offerings to the cares, needs, and desires of our audience. 

Week 5: Why does it matter? (Part Deux)

We wrap up the process, with the final touch. This usually is where we find key positioning angles and unforeseen taglines.

Week 6: Where do i go from here?

We’ll spend an entire session focused on how, when, and where to use your work, including specific recommendations for each student. Then, we'll celebrate all the clarity we've created!

The next GET CLEAR cohort begins in March, 2023.

Want in?

Here's the tuition.

Imagine you could always avoid confusion...

If you could always get clear...

How would that affect your business?

GET CLEAR: a class on clarity

  • A simple, proven approach to clarity
  • Weekly classes with one purpose: getting your message clear
  • Group coaching and feedback
  • Assignments that apply to your business
  • Support like you've never seen: Unlimited access to Zach via video/voice messages
  • Message last!

$2000 USD 

GET CLEAR: CRYSTAL EDITION (Limited to 3 spots)

Everything is GET CLEAR plus:

  • Private 30-minute Zoom to share details about your business and challenges
  • 3 60-minute private sessions to nail your assignments
  • Unlimited, PRIVATE access to Zach via video/voice messages
  • More special surprises

$3600 USD

*payment plans available

Here's what they say.

Zach has a rare talent for distilling a message down to its essence. He succinctly and effectively delivers the message in a way that is accessible to the audience even when the subject is difficult or challenging.

Larson Thune

Founder, NavLabs

Zach is uniquely gifted in understanding exactly how to connect your product with your customer. When it comes to what your product is, why it's important, and why your buyer should care, Zach makes it so simple....there's really no one like him and what he offers.

Blake Binns

Founder, Good Advice, LLC


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